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Website Development

It takes just a single glimpse at your website to attract your audience's attention. It is the first interaction that they have with your business and that is just enough for them to start forming an opinion about your company or brand.

Impress Your Audience

There are a lot of factors that might influence your website audience's perspective. Let's take a look at how a custom website can help you reach your target customers by building a strong online presence. Check out our guide by clicking on the download button below and learn what's included in our package. Discover our pricing and dig into details about our website development process. Go on and download our "Ultimate Guide to Awesome Websites":

  • 01 Purposeful Design

    It's important to have a beautiful, responsive design that reflects your brand's identity. But that is not enough. Your website should understand your audience, know their habits, and speak in their voice.

  • 02 Lightning-Fast Performance

    Around 47% of the users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds. Furthermore, 40% abandon the page if it loads more than 3 seconds. Consumers believe that a fast-loading website is a sign of a stable and reliable brand.

  • 03 Perfection on Any Device

    We build not only for the present, but also for the future. We don't believe that there is such a thing as devices that your website should look good on. Our designers and developers aim at fluidity, to ensure that the websites that we create are fully responsive and can fit on any resolution.

  • 04 SEO-Friendly

    Your goal should always be to score your website on the first page of the search results, as various studies show that only around 25% of the consumers go to the second page. It is also very important to pick the right words when writing the content of your website.

  • 05 Monitoring and Analytics

    There are plenty of tools that can track your website visitors, provided that they have given their explicit consent for marketing cookies. Collecting this type of information is important, as it is your way of verifying if the marketing campaigns that you are setting up are working properly.

  • 06 Flexible and Scalable

    Your website should not be viewed as a one-time thing. It must evolve with the growth of your business and adapt to the audience accordingly. New features and pages are easily added on demand and you are flexible to make any adjustments to expand the lifespan of the company's website.

Headless CMS With Custom Design

We use state of the art technologies as they provide us with greater flexibility and bring better security for our clients. There are plenty of websites that are built on top of popular, though old-fashioned, content management systems like Wordpress, for example. And if you ask most of the agencies out there, they would suggest you use exactly that, as nearly 2/3 of the CMS-based websites are built using that particular system. Luckily, we are one of the few who would propose otherwise. We are strong advocates of modern technology and are constantly striving to improve, which is why we use the headless CMS approach.

  • Quick Page Loads

    Unlike other CMS solutions, which produce a lot of bloat code that slows down your website, a headless CMS is very lightweight and results in faster page load times. This is possible due to the nature of its architecture - there is an API which is responsible only for storing and retrieving data about your pages from the database, and there is a client-side part which runs in the browser and only visualizes the information.

  • State of the Art Technologies

    We use Strapi as it is currently the leading headless CMS solution on the market. It is fully customizable and lets us create flexible data structures for your pages. And to bring the customized design to life we utilize the famous JavaScript library React.js which allows us to easily create responsive, component-based websites.

  • Mobile-First User Experience

    In today's fast-paced world, almost anyone owns a smartphone. Not to mention that some of those people don't even have a desktop device, or even if they have - they don't use it so often. This definitely requires a change in perspective if you own or manage a company. That's why we focus on mobile consumers, and design and build everything around them.

  • No Templates

    Your brand is your identity. Nevertheless, people often misread it as "identical" and assume that their appearance should be equivalent to others'. That is what happens when someone depends on ready-to-use templates to build your website. We won't do this as we are firm believers that each and every business is unique, and so should be the impression of it.

  • More Robust

    Using a headless CMS solution and not explicitly depending on 3rd party plugins makes your website a lot more secure and robust, as opposed to Wordpress, for example, which is notorious for its security vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • Custom Integrations

    We can integrate your website with any service you want, but also in a way which suits you best. By not relying on any plugins or 3rd party code, the solutions that we provide you are more secure and the possibilities for integration are virtually limitless.


Interested in a Custom-Designed Website?

Hire a dedicated team of reliable and experienced IT specialists that will design and build a custom website that reflects your brand identity.