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We will support your custom-developed software on the cloud, verifying that it is easily scalable and that it uses an optimal and automated continuous deployment process.

Understanding DevOps

  • 01 Automated Builds & Tests

    When the developers finish their work and the testers verify it, this triggers a software build process which runs along with the automated test scenarios to ensure each and every version update is stable and reliable, and that the end results are predictable.

  • 02 Scalable Solution

    High peaks in user traffic? Not a problem, as the auto-scaling functionality takes care of this. Your application will initiate new instances of itself and allocate more resources to be able to handle the incoming load, and when things cool down, those instances will be discarded to keep your costs low.

  • 03 Near-Zero Downtimes

    New software versions are applied via rolling updates. This means that the version with the new features will start rolling out gradually and only after it is completely up and running, then the old one will be removed.

  • 04 High Availability

    Cloud solutions give you the possibility to seamlessly run your application from several geographical regions, as if it were only hosted from a single location. This way your software will always be available in the event of a network outage.

  • 05 Regular Backups

    Your information is safe and sound. We make sure of it by setting up custom retention policies for your data and files. Database backups and details can be easily restored when needed.

  • 06 Infrastructure Monitoring

    There are both some simple in-cloud tools and several more advanced 3rd party services that can be used to monitor the application's performance, keep track of error logs and analyze resource usage.

  • 07 Better Security

    Safety is guaranteed through the strict protocols, security policies and limitations of how the data and the configurations can be accessed or altered. Additionally, our team uses two-factor authentication (2FA) for the services that we manage.

  • 08 Cloud Migration

    Even if you currently own a legacy software solution that runs on a non-optimal infrastructure and utilizes an old set of technologies, we can work with you to modernize your application and prepare it for the cloud.


Need to Run a Cloud-Based Application?

Hire a dedicated team of reliable and experienced IT specialists to develop your new custom application that will run in the cloud.