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Agile Project Management

Iterative delivery of high value software that is in compliance with your company's priorities.

The Importance of Project Management

Software Project Management utilizes a lot of principles and strategies to plan, supervise, lead and deliver even large and complex software projects. Without it, there would be a high risk of misinterpretations, misunderstandings and loss of clear vision. This in turn can lead to frequent errors, wrongfully implemented features, delays and unexpected costs. So, in order for a software project to produce the desired outcome and to fit into a customer's timeline and budget, it should be properly managed throughout its whole life cycle. There are numerous types of project management approaches that can be applied, and as everyone in QualiSage is agile, so is our project management process.


Why Agile?

Agile project management emphasizes on iterative and continuous delivery of high value software that's in compliance with a company's priorities. It also allows software developers to easily respond to new requirements or changes, as well as to incorporate client's feedback with every development cycle as the project goes forward. Moreover, agile philosophy encourages the interaction and the daily collaboration between software engineers and business people. This promotes the use of ubiquitous language between them, which helps the software programmers better reflect and understand the business objectives, enabling them to make the right technical decisions.

Making the Most Out of Agile

  • Control

    You have full visibility and control over the software implementation.

  • Innovation

    Team members are free to be innovative and discuss their ideas with you.

  • Progress

    People openly share their work progress and challenges during daily meetings.

  • Collaboration

    Constant collaboration and communication foster the team to be more efficient, proactive and creative.

  • Priority

    You can prioritize your requirements at every stage of the development process.

  • Adaptation

    Agile approach helps software developers quickly adapt to new changes.

  • Feedback

    Engineers receive feedback directly from you, resulting in less time spent fixing any inconsistencies.

  • Quality

    Continuous testing and technical quality enhancement of your software at every iteration.

  • Stability

    Usable features are delivered at regular intervals, every 2 weeks.

  • Safety

    Agile development reduces the risk of bugs and incorrectly implemented functionalities.

  • Understanding

    Business people and the technical team use the same terms and share a ubiquitous language.

  • Metrics

    With emphasis on producing results, metrics help us measure performance and identify bottlenecks.


Looking for an Agile Software Agency?

Hire a dedicated team of reliable and experienced IT specialists that will build your high-quality custom software using a proven agile process.