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We are a Europe-based software company, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, but we are citizens of the world and operate on a global scale. At QualiSage we are just as much entrepreneurs as we are developers, QA specialists, project managers and designers. Our experienced team strives to create high quality products that correspond to our clients' needs and expectations.

It's not only about the selection of tools and technologies that we use, but how we use them to achieve results.

Why QualiSage?


  • we what we do
  • quality means providing value
  • wisdom comes from experience

we what we do

quality means providing value

wisdom comes from experience


Our Mission

Always delivering high-quality software


Our Vision

Inspire and support businesses to embrace innovation through digitalization


Our Values

The 6 core values of QualiSage represent our mindset and the way we communicate within the team and with our clients. This creates an environment that allows our team members to realize their true potential and to face challenges more eagerly.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    Be professional, always deliver high-quality solutions

  • Be Transparent

    Share feedback, express your feelings and thoughts

  • Improve Constantly

    Challenge yourself, embrace failure and learn from it

  • Love What You Do

    Be passionate about your work and be proud of it

  • Team Comes First

    Share knowledge, ask for help, trust others

  • Be proactive

    Every idea matters