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Having a good process is the backbone of any organization. In QualiSage we do agile software development, which allows your product to be built iteratively and incrementally. Essentially, this gives you the possibility to prioritize important product features in a progressive fashion thus reflecting the actual market needs quickly.

From Your Idea to a Ready-To-Use Product


Scope Identification

Understand business goals & product vision

Our team will dive deep into your idea to better understand every aspect of it by asking questions and having discussions with you. Once we get these insights we will have a clear vision of what your ideal product should look like. Then, together we will start the journey of transforming your idea to reality.


Project Kick-off

Establish common goals and purpose

At this step we already have all the necessary information to get started. We will propose a dedicated team for you to work on your product. This meeting aims to onboard the whole team and marks the beginning of a successful and smooth project collaboration.

Let's do it

Design & Prototype

Early assessment of product behaviour, look and feel

Our UI/UX designers will prepare the whole visual identity of your product - starting with wireframes and click-model prototypes until you have the complete UI design. The key to success here is having discussions and sharing feedback. We can also work with your ready-made custom design or we can collaborate with 3rd party design studios if you are already using such external services.



Iteratively and incrementally deliver working software

Whether we are working to modernize and improve an existing product or we are starting from scratch, we will assist you in choosing the most appropriate technologies for your project. Doing agile software development, we release new functionalities at the end of each iteration (every 2 weeks). At regular intervals, we make meetings with you to discuss and plan the work ahead.


Quality Assurance

Ensure the results meet your expectations

Producing high quality software is one of our core principles. To maintain this level of quality, we have an internal process where our developers write testable code and do regular code reviews, as the quality assurance specialists perform manual and/or automated testing of the software.



Continuous integration of new functionality

At regular intervals, all new features and improvements of your product will be deployed to a cloud-based hosting provider. Using services like Google Cloud or Amazon AWS makes your product more flexible, scalable and easy to maintain. We will also add your mobile application to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Maintenance & Enhancements

Keep your product stable and robust

Essentially, you want to keep up with the market so that you don't fall behind. We are eager to support your product's growth by adding new features to it and adjusting it to your users' feedback. Our long term goal is to become your trusted technology partner. Let us help you impress your users by providing you with fresh ideas, resulting from our knowledge about your domain.

Ongoing partnership

Looking for an Agile Software Agency?

Hire a dedicated team of reliable and experienced IT specialists that will build your high-quality custom software using a proven agile process.