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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance testing is an integral part of the software development life-cycle. It reduces the risk of flaws by validating and verifying that your application works according to your requirements and expectations. QA testing ensures that you deliver high-quality software to your end users.

We Do Both Manual and Automation Testing

Manual Testing

Manual testing plays an essential role in any test strategy and helps testers to analyze application's behaviour from user experience perspective. All the tests are executed by a human, without the intervention of automation tools and frameworks. While it is true that such testing requires more time and effort, it can actually find issues that can't be filtered by automated testing.

Automation Testing

Automation testing, on the other hand, depends on automation tools to carry out test scenarios. Once those scenarios have been defined, it's very straightforward to rerun them every time a new feature is developed. This makes the testing process less time consuming in the long run. Automatically executing tasks that the QA team otherwise would have to perform on a repetitive basis, ensures that previous functionalities would still work in the same manner.

Different Kinds of Testing

Developing software solutions is a complex process which requires different kinds of testing to guarantee the overall quality of your product.

  • 01 Cross Compatibility

    Our QA specialists will test your application over different browsers, display resolutions, devices and platforms.

  • 02 Performance Testing

    We will monitor different metrics of your application to verify it runs smoothly and if it can handle the user load effectively. In such a way we can detect those parts of the software that require more attention and refine them on time.

  • 03 Security Testing

    The main purpose of this testing is to identify any vulnerabilities, loopholes or potential threats in your software that might lead to loss of important data or revenue. Our developers are here to help you and to fix any arising issues during the testing process.

  • 04 Unit Testing

    It focuses on testing single components and parts of code within the application and it's conducted by our programmers to discover flaws during the development life-cycle.

  • 05 Regression testing

    Even small alterations or adjustments to the code can have unexpected consequences on your application's workflow. That is the reason why we run regression testing - to confirm that new modifications or additions to your software are not affecting any existing features and everything still functions the same way as before.

  • 06 Code Reviews

    At QualiSage, we are transparent and care a lot about the quality of the software products we develop. That's why we embrace both manual and automated code reviews as a vital process of our day-to-day work. The essence of this activity is that one or more developers read, check and analyze different units of a colleague's source code to identify and prevent any issues at an early stage.


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