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Legacy Software Modernization

Replacing your outdated software solution with a modern step-by-step approach to help your company get back on track.

What Is Legacy Software?

With the natural digitalization of every industry, companies are constantly trying to keep up with the competition. However, sometimes organizations are being limited by their current software solutions in terms of developing new features or making changes to existing ones. While some people might picture a legacy system as software that was built more than 10 years ago on an old technology and running on an outdated infrastructure, that might not always be the case. A true legacy application is the one which has already lost its ability to be easily extended and is now causing significant maintenance costs, slowing down the development process and making it nearly impossible to respond to the market's needs.


Is Your Software Legacy?

If your business is no longer benefiting from your existing software or you feel stuck maintaining it, you can identify it, without doubt, as a legacy system. Certainly, this can be a tough situation to be in, but our team can help your company get back on track. We will replace your outdated solution, piece by piece, using the so-called strangler pattern. With this approach we will migrate your application incrementally by replacing existing functionalities gradually and steadily. The goal is to reach a state-of-the-art solution which is also built with the right software architecture in mind, so that it can be more adaptive and scalable.

Considering Modernizing Your Legacy Software?

Learn more about our systematic approach and how we support companies just like yours in their journey on this essential transformation.

  • Strangler Pattern

    Or also known as "Strangler Fig Pattern", is a methodical approach that aims at keeping your existing software up and running without disrupting your usual workflow. We replace specific parts of the code, one piece at a time. The main focus is always the most problematic area of your application which prevents you or your team from being productive.

  • Keeping Critical Data Safe

    Your application has been running for some time. During this period, there is a lot of data that has accumulated and will need to be preserved even after we modernize the software. Migrating this existing information is a very delicate procedure and we have processes in place to make sure that the important bits of it will be transferred accordingly.

  • Enhancing Security

    More often than not, poorly built software architecture is accompanied by poorly designed security systems and practices. By replacing your existing application we also analyze and make sure that no such cracks are left open, because sometimes even an older version of a 3rd party package or library that you have bundled inside your solution might be a potential security risk.

  • Improving Performance

    In the process of modernization, our team will also be testing how the system performs and if it needs further optimization. The results from this analysis will be used when rebuilding that particular part of your application.


Having Trouble With Your Current Software?

Hire a dedicated team of reliable and experienced IT specialists that will analyze your current application and will help you modernize it.