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Warehouse Management System for Sport Clothing Vendor

01 Information

Our client is a retailer of sport clothing who imports original brands to later distribute them in the local market. The company owns a warehouse where all the merchandise is stocked, which is also the place from which the clothes are being sent to the end customers.

02 Challenge

Not Being Able to Process Orders Quickly

The client approached us as they were having organizational challenges. While stocking the shelves seemed to work fine, they were experiencing difficulties processing large amounts of orders at once, since finding the stocked merchandise was a hassle. This was preventing the company from starting to collaborate with drop shipping partners, as it would not be possible to process even more orders from customers. Additionally, they were having issues with sending wrong product sizes to customers, due to human factors. Their goal was to increase the efficiency of the process and the productivity of their staff while still keeping personnel costs the same.

03 Solution

A Fully-Integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) With Automated Order Processing

In order to address these issues, we had to step back and take a look at the big picture. We were able to identify several areas in our client's process which had the potential risk of human error or loss of information. Our team developed a warehouse management system which introduced the use of barcode readers. When new orders come flowing, they get automatically grouped in batches and are then distributed to the operators. All devices are fully integrated with the software and all necessary 3rd parties. There is no place for human error, as the software effectively guides employees, step by step through the process - from collecting boxes, to packaging and automatically printing shipping labels.

04 Approach

  • Automation

    We analyzed and identified which parts of the process could and if they actually needed to be automated. Usually, these are either time consuming or cost-inefficient tasks. Then, we just translate those tasks into code and pure logic, taking the human factor away, making the process less error-prone.

  • Human-Centric

    We value people's feelings and opinion. So, we have built this warehouse management system around the employees' needs and behavior - to help them and support them through the processes of their day-to-day work.

  • Communication

    Consistent and insightful communication is what made our client and us happy. It was also what helped us make the seamless integration with 3rd party providers like the shipment company.

  • API Development

    Doing business with drop shipping partners requires a standardized way of transferring data back and forth. For this purpose we have developed a secure API for our client. The partners can easily integrate their own software solutions with the API to ensure safe communication and synchronization of the information between both parties.

05 Outcome

  • +115% Processed Orders

    It still took a few days getting used to, after which we noticed a difference of more than twice more processed orders with the same personnel.

  • Drop Shipping Partners

    Being able to process more orders, opened up the company to new opportunities like working with drop shipping partners. In 2 months' time our client was able to attract 8 companies that are in the drop shipping business.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    Even during Black Friday or Christmas sales, the company is able to handle the huge load of incoming orders without delaying deliveries to their customers.

06 Technologies

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebase
  • React
  • React Native
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud

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