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E-Learning Application for Internal Training in a Chain Restaurant

01 Information

The company owns a chain of casual dining restaurants which offer a relaxed atmosphere and quick table service. There are seasonal menus that are switched several times a year, usually offering dishes from different regions.

02 Challenge

Cooks Not Being Able to Learn and Remember the Ever-Changing Dish Recipes

When the client reached out to us, they were experiencing difficulties with their cooks struggling to find their way around the kitchen and learning new recipes. On the other hand, as it's the company's policy, the chefs insisted on changing certain seasonal dishes at regular intervals throughout the year in order to keep the customers interested. Getting the orders wrong was one part of the challenge. Trying to keep away from the toxic environment between coworkers in the kitchen was making it even worse.

03 Solution

Internal E-learning Platform for Employees' Training

The decision was to build a web application to allow the chefs to manage the content - add seasonal menus, upload new recipes, provide guides and tips on how to be more effective in the kitchen. This way all the cooks would have access to that knowledge and would be able to easily learn new recipes and come back to them anytime they want. The solution also includes a comment section so that employees from different restaurant locations can communicate more efficiently. Also, some final touches were made by adding email-based notifications so that everyone in the kitchen knew when fresh content was being added to the platform.

04 Approach

  • Understanding the Idea

    The client had a very clear vision on how the final solution should behave and look. During a few discussions we got ourselves familiarized with the idea and made sure that this was indeed the right decision. The goal was to be aligned and on the same page.

  • Requirements Elicitation

    Since our client didn't have anyone to write the technical stories (tasks), we included a product owner in the team. This person's responsibility was to gather all the necessary information and requirements, and write the acceptance criteria, so that the developers could understand them and work on them effectively.

  • Early Feedback

    As we are doing agile software development, communication has always been and will always be an important part of our process. The timely feedback that we received from the chefs and the cooks - the actual people that were using the application, is what made the product loveable and user friendly.

  • Putting Ourselves in the Same Shoes

    Or in this case - wearing the chef's or cook's hat. That was the driving force behind our client's success. Regardless of the subject matter, we always look from the perspective of the users - the ones who will interact with the solution that we're building.

05 Technologies

  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Docker

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