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Event Management Portal for an Owner of Event Venues

01 Information

An event planning company that owns a few venues which are frequently used for weddings, balls, receptions, parties, large company gatherings and many others. Our client works with a carefully picked list of 3rd party vendors for catering, decoration and music.

02 Challenge

Difficulties When Accessing and Coordinating Event Information

Because of the nature of our client's business, they have to be in constant communication with their 3rd party service providers. When they reached out to us, this was resulting in a lot of phone calls and information forwarding. Details about scheduled events were kept and stored by each vendor separately, mostly on paper or scattered around different digital tools, none of which were synchronized with each other.

03 Solution

Custom-Developed Centralized Software for Event Management

On the very day that our client approached us and shared their pain points, it was clear that all the scattered information had to be consolidated in one place. We developed a custom software solution that allowed them and their 3rd party vendors to collaborate together without leaving the platform, making it possible to communicate, book events, add details about them, and keep track of all the changes. Now that the application is the company's single source of truth, it has definitely led to less frustration and better partnership among the parties.

04 Approach

  • Focus on People and Relationships

    Regardless of the industry your company is specializing in, it is very important to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and build solid partnerships with them. Keeping those relationships intact is crucial for your business' success. By developing a bespoke software solution for our client, we have built it with this idea in mind - to connect and keep a strong bond between all the people involved in the process.

  • Centralized

    The key to being effective when trying to complete a certain task is to have all the data necessary and available beforehand. This software aims to cover every aspect of the event management activities of the company, combining information in one place, reducing the time needed to collect it from someone or somewhere else.

05 Technologies

  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase
  • React
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud

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