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Workforce Planning Software for a Construction Company

01 Information

The client is a thriving construction company, based in the heart of Europe. Founded by architects and entrepreneurs, the company specializes in boutique residential buildings and commercial office buildings.

02 Challenge

Limited Possibilities to Customize Off-The-Shelf Software

Initially, when the client contacted us, they wanted to have a consultation on how to tackle the complexity of their process within the ready-made software they were using at the time. The truth is that in the long run - you can't. As time goes by and a company grows, the in-house activities will get even more complex. Trying to fit and adapt them according to the predefined rules of the ready-to-use application is non-optimal. So, the dilemma is whether a company is okay with fitting the solution, or they want the solution to fit them, just like a custom-made suit does. Our client was facing the same dilemma, and the difficulties that they had went far beyond technology - all because they didn't use bespoke software.

03 Solution

Customized Software to Meet the Client's Needs and to Fit Its Processes Perfectly

The growing complexity of the construction company's operations meant it was the time to switch to a custom-developed software. We initiated our collaboration by identifying the key points that differentiate our client's workforce planning process from the standardized ones. Together we implemented a strategy on how to deal with the obstacles and aid the workflow by creating a tailored solution.

04 Approach

  • Consulting

    It's not only about the code, but about what technologies, tools and decisions will fit best the business needs of a company. In the case of this client this step was crucial, as we had to make sure that they understood the impact that the off-the-shelf software was having on their business. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture when you are trying to keep up by doing your day-to-day work.

  • Assessment

    Our client had started using the commercial software in the past, because they liked a certain feature set from it at the time. We had to do an assessment to identify those parts - which of them were used more often and which ones were obsolete. We also gathered insights from the client on what struggles they had with those functionalities, so that we can build them in a better way. This helped us define the appropriate scope of the project.

  • Process-Driven

    Such a complex application requires an iterative approach and a step by step implementation. This gave the company the flexibility to incrementally adapt the software that we were building to the needs of the employees and the managers. We involved key people from each department of the construction company to help shape the system the right way, steering clear from any unnecessary features.

  • Step-By-Step

    While all departments in the company struggled with their own issues, problems had to be addressed depending on severity and priority. We dealt with them step by step - helping one department at a time, focusing solely on their own challenges, and only then moving to the next one.

05 Outcome

  • Increased Productivity

    The application that we have developed for them is simple to use and its functional, process-driven user interface increased the overall productivity and happiness of the employees in the company. This helped our client stay on track, giving them a significant competitive advantage in the construction industry.

  • Simplified Process

    Not having to adapt to an off-the-shelf software takes out the burden of trying to think how to change your current way of work. The customized software solution gave our client the opportunity to simplify their process and reduce the necessary time to manage their employees.

  • No Usage Fees

    The investment into a custom software solution resulted not only in the optimization of the company's internal procedures, but also in the proprietary ownership of the software code and application. Owning the software means that there is no longer a need to pay any usage fees.

06 Technologies

  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • GoLang
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • React
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS

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