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New and Second-Hand Computer Parts ERP

01 Information

The company is a computer parts seller and dismantles used computers and laptops in Europe. They make it easy for customers to both buy and sell new and second-hand hardware.

02 Challenge

Impossible Growth Due to a Non-performant, Poorly-Architectured MVP

Our client initially started as a small computer parts vendor and reseller. When they approached us, they already had a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in place which was operational, but it was not performing very well. As the number of products in their database was growing quickly, the application started to slow down, resulting in overwhelmed employees and the inability to perform their day-to-day activities. They had plenty of ideas on how to make their web application better and improve their internal processes, but the natural need to grow the business was suppressed by the application's performance bottlenecks. We did a thorough audit and found out that the MVP solution that they had was lacking good software architecture which made it difficult to scale the product further.

03 Solution

Flexible and Scalable Custom-Developed ERP Software

Through deep and extensive research, we were able to identify and prioritize the most important pain points that needed to be addressed. We built an entirely new platform on a more scalable and robust software architecture, using modern technologies. Since the existing data in the MVP was of great importance, through an automated process we did a complete migration of the data to the new solution. The result was a highly performant web application that was not only able to handle the large product base, but also gave the company leader the opportunity to safely expand the business.

04 Approach

  • Challenges Assessment

    Conducting an on-site evaluation was the key to success. From our conversations with the company's employees it was clear that they were having trouble not only with the slow performance of the application but also with the way it worked. The solution that was supposed to help them perform better was actually hindering them from doing their day-to-day jobs. They shared insights and as we learned more about the company's internal processes, we started coming up with ideas on how to improve the employees' performance.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Having a good software architecture from day one is very important if you want to build a stable and scalable product. For this client, our team implemented a completely new software solution based on modern web technologies and built to run in the cloud. Driven by all those insights, gathered from our discussions with the employees, as well as the company leader's plan for business growth in the future, we were able to address potential issues earlier in the project.

  • Data Migration

    When you grow and evolve as a company, you have to embrace changes, even at a later point in the development of your product. The underlying architecture and infrastructure must be planned and built in a way to support this. Since the existing MVP of our client was not meant to expand and we created a completely new solution for them, we had to perform a thorough data migration process - to transfer existing data from the old application to the new one.

  • Digital Transformation

    Our collaboration with the client went further beyond the initial challenge that their business was facing. As the company grew and hired more employees, new departments started forming up. People from all these departments began to interact with the web application, which created a continuous need for new features and improvements. With this we marked the beginning of this company's digitalization.

05 Technologies

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • React
  • Varnish
  • Elastic
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud

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