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Website of Recruitment Platform Bounty Hunter World

01 Information

Bounty Hunter World is a startup company that is determined to change the face of recruitment. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and data analysts with expertise in the industry, their goal is to transform the recruitment process by building a job-hunting platform that brings incentive return for its users' professional network.

Link not available anymore

We designed a previous version of this project, check out the screenshots.

02 Challenge

Not Having a Website Makes It Hard to Pitch to Investors

When we started the discussion with the client's team they didn't have a proper website. As a startup, it is very important to build a stable and trustworthy brand. A website that reflects the brand's identity and represents the company or product appealingly is one of the steps towards that goal. Our client was in the process of pitching their application and business plan to investors. Besides their pitch deck, Bounty Hunter World's team needed a clear way of communicating the product's purpose and how it works.

03 Solution

A Website With a Custom Design That Showcases Their Application

They had their branding made by another company, so we were pretty much set up in terms of colors and typography. We took that and created a custom, fully-responsive design and a custom-built website with a perfect balance between modern and corporate presentation. We targeted both of their potential users. On one side - the prospective hiring companies, and on the other - the motivated users who want to refer someone from their professional network. The animations are spring-based, inspired by nature, which makes for a very smooth user experience.

04 Approach

  • Fast Launch

    The time to react was very little because they had an investors' pitch coming up just around the corner. So, we made an initial launch with a version of the website without any animations, and even without a CMS (Content Management System). This way they had something to show to their investors.

  • Purposeful

    Although we didn't have much time, we still wanted to dig deeper and learn more about the product. That helped us create a custom web design to reflect both the corporate feel that potential hiring companies would seek, and at the same time would make it look as attractive to end-users.

  • Modern

    The solution that we provided is using modern technologies like React and Next.js to build a fast-loading website that is served through a CDN (Content Delivery Network), making it almost instant, regardless of which part of the world the user is opening the website from.

  • Headless

    Headless means that the CMS is detached from the user interface. That separation between content management and content presentation makes scaling easy. Additionally, this allows the uploaded pictures and other media files to be placed on a 3rd party CDN provider to increase speed even more.

05 Outcome

  • Fast Loading Times

    On average, on a regular internet connection the website's homepage loads in less than 100ms, which to a naked eye seems instant.

  • Identity

    The brand is visible to potential users, companies, and investors. They can learn about the product more easily.

  • Marketing & Analysis

    Through the seamless integration with Google Tag Manager, tracking visitors and measuring ad campaigns was never easier.

06 Technologies

  • Strapi
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • GraphQL
  • Apollo
  • Next.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Vercel
  • Render
  • Cloudinary

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